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Welcome to NAHCA

What is NAHCA?

The National Association of Housing Counselors & Agencies, Inc. (NAHCA) was founded to provide training and certification testing to members. NAHCA also fills a critical role in providing technical assistance to housing professionals and agencies.

A volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the membership governs NAHCA. The board and membership are comprised of housing professionals and housing counseling agencies.

Fulfilling Our Mission

NAHCA achieves its goals by:

  • Establishing and monitoring professional standards
  • Providing technical assistance to its members
  • Offering training and certification to its members

Technical Assistance for Housing Professionals

Technical assistance is a primary function of NAHCA. Technical assistance is provided to members, key professionals in the housing arena, and individuals or groups seeking to develop a housing counseling program.

NAHCA has developed a state-of-the-art Housing Resource Guide. This manual provides an unsurpassed educational tool and reference for housing professionals.

Achieving Excellence through Certification

NAHCA provides Certification Programs to promote high quality standards for the housing counseling profession. Certification includes:

  • Certified Professional Comprehensive Housing Counselor
  • Certified Professional Housing Counselor Specializing in Tenancy
  • Certified Professional Housing Counselor Specializing in Homeownership

NAHCA Certified Trainers provide certification training and testing nationwide.

Strength of a National Network

NAHCA also provides members with the opportunity to take their Certification Test at the annual conference. The opportunity to improve skills, exchange information and network with other housing professionals is provided to all attendees.

Through NAHCA, state chapters are provided guidance and support to maintain their professional standards. NAHCA is the resource center to answer all their technical questions and provided advice about funding.

Core Beliefs & Standards
  • NAHCA supports and advocates for the provision of comprehensive housing counseling services that empower all housing consumers to obtain and maintain decent, safe and affordable housing.
  • NAHCA affirms their support for all efforts which raise the level of professionalism in the housing counseling field.
  • NAHCA pledges to develop and implement standards of excellence in comprehensive housing counseling education nationally through training and certification.
  • NAHCA is committed to providing knowledge to the client/consumer in order that they be able to make the best informed decision possible regarding their housing needs.
  • NAHCA promotes access to comprehensive housing counseling for all housing consumers regardless of their ability to pay.

Professional Oath
  • The housing counseling professional/agency pledges to uphold the dignity and honor of the profession at all times.
  • The professional/agency will seek and coordinate existing resources and assistance to insure the highest level of services.
  • The professional/agency will accept all that seek assistance, but will not allow the demand to compromise the quality of services rendered.
  • The professional/agency will at all times protect the client's right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • The professional/agency will provide services to all persons regardless of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, creed, marital status, handicap or familial status.

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